Learning Edge- Observations

If innovations such as Khan Academy are Education 2.0, we really need to start a dialogue about our vision for Education 3.0

FabLabs- Real Education 3.0 Reform

A recent 60 Minutes piece on Khan Academy and the “Flipped Classroom” proclaimed that this is the “Future of Education”. I certainly think it is an interesting and worthwhile innovation but hopefully not the only future. It is largely using technology to automate and make faster, easier and more accessible the type of Education done today; instead of re-imaging what learning could possibly be. I hope the future includes the Real Education 3.0 changes we need in our education systems. Here is a link to an initiative called Fablabs@School and this is the type of change 60 Minutes and the press should be talking about:

1. SparkLab (a mobile FabLab)— http://bit.ly/HlM8oX

2. Science Lab, Reinvented— http://tltl.stanford.edu/news/science-lab-reinvented